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JP HOUSE 22/03/2020 // completed 2019

An exceptional view of almost 360º is the starting point of this house located in northern Madrid, a penthouse with long proportions that faces the four orientations. The house is organized along a corridor that connects two terraces located at the ends. In one side, a terrace is linked to the day area, where the living room, the kitchen and the dining room are. In the other side, the night area, another terrace is used by the bedrooms and a playroom. In the center, the space expands and allows a visual connection, along the corridor, of the two sides of the house. At this point, the kitchen opens to the dining room through a large glass wall, providing continuity and depth to the space. Three planters, located strategically at the end and at the center of the corridor, introduce nature in the house and connect with the exterior space of the terraces, also landscaped. We propose a contemporary space, continuous, free-flowing and open, but above all versatile and flexible. The materials used, mainly beech wood for the floor, white laquered wood for the vertical surfaces and glass, always flushed, emphasize the already said attributes, providing, at the same time, rotundity and simplicity to the domestic spaces.

JP HOUSE. COMPLETED WORK 22/03/2020 // Blog

Construction works finished. Photographs by Jesús Granada


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