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In every direction, the building adapts to the surrounding conditions, optimising sunlight for best thermal and energy performance and providing excellent views. Thus, the large square windows at the front of the building, reminiscent of traditional Spanish bay windows, are completely flush with the brickwork, in order to benefit from the northern light and provide a privileged outlook over the open public space that visually connects it to Avenida de Asturias. The repetitive pattern of these windows seeks a degree of abstraction, order and unity that can be seen, in passing, from Avenida de Asturias. Meanwhile, the short east-and west-facing façades have windows of smaller dimensions, to ensure suitable heat control for the homes with these orientations.

typology: Public / Housing location: Ventilla, Madrid area: 1.860 m² status: completed 2006 client: IVIMA (Instituto de la Vivienda de Madrid) TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
architects: Aránzazu Álvarez, Elena Simón
students of architecture: Ana Fernández, Diana Maján, Fernando Amutio
engineering consulting: Carmen Castro, José Ramón Espada
building services consulting: Maproing, S.L. (Mario Abajo)
construction company: Obrum, S.L.
photographs: Eduardo Sánchez

Ventilla, Madrid