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The strategies developed for the planning study of the Valdemingómez Technological Park (VTP) aimed to integrate the area within its surrounding region and connect it up with the city of Madrid. It is important to understand the impact of this metropolitan-scale operation. This will be a key factor for continued social inclusion in a severely damaged area. It is an opportunity to bring structure to the outskirts of the city and promote recycling by showing its energy-related, environmental, social, political and economic potential. It also helps to highlight the importance of Valdemingómez as a whole, so that the public can understand the strategic service it provides the city, so vital to its development. Waste treatment in the contemporary metropolis is a primordial aspect. This development will assist the regeneration of the landfill sites (such as the Valdemingómez Forest Park) by laying out large new parks (visibility strategy). These new ‘green lungs’ of southeast Madrid will be connected to the Regional Park, boosting the VTP’s value as part of a larger landscape. The project is informed by four key considerations: social, economic, environmental and urban. The study incorporates projections regarding land reserves for new facilities that will be required by urban demographics. A growing population will demand new power sources, as well as more efficient waste management and other environmental services.

typology: Urban development / Waste lab can location: Valdemingómez, Madrid area: - m² status: in progress 2012 client: Ayuntamiento de Madrid TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
collaboration with E. Bardají & Asociados
associated architect: Mónica Domínguez
architect: Javier Nuño, Zina Petrikova, Inés Steuber
sociologist, engineer and environment: Clemente Flores
communication: Chacra Comunicación, S.L. (Esther Marquina)
civil engineer: EIC, S.L. (Javier Blanco)
legal advice: Urbe Asesores (Carlos Peña)
Valdemingómez, Madrid
1st PRIZE 02/06/2011