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A company working in environmental services was contemplating a significant change of image at its headquarters in Madrid, a project aimed at strengthening its identity at international level. Through a process of abstraction and redesign of the group’s logo, we developed a natural aluminum element that incorporates a variable pattern of circular perforations providing suitable lighting and ventilation inside the offices. Measuring 2x2m, it has become the focal point of the project, extending its mesh over the existing buildings. Its elegant shape and appearance bring to mind a plant-like natural growth, while at the same time making a statement about the Group’s modern technology and customised dynamism. This is a strongly abstracted element of indefinite scale, created as a response to surroundings dominated by major transport links. We added an access pavilion that is visible from the next level. It is a simple but high-techand transparent design that will become the new image representing what the company stands for.

typology: Office / Infrastructure location: Madrid area: 850 m² status: in progress 2011 client: GRUPO RAGA TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
associated architect: Mónica Domínguez
architects: Zina Petrikova, Ines Steuber
computer graphics: Santiago Rivera