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With a pleasant, warm climate throughout the year and abundant vegetation, the surroundings of the Gran Hotel in Araxá are exceptional. Situated in the privileged location of the state of Minas Gerais, the city presented its candidacy to FIFA to host the national teams that will be competing in the 2014 football World Cup in Brazil, although in the end was not chosen. Our proposal outlines a project tailored to the local landscape. Its strategy involves the construction of a large number of facilities clearly defined as public space, an urban park for sporting activities. This whole must then be fully integrated into the surroundings so that it forms part of the environment. The decision to sculpt the land into platforms means that the natural incline (of up to 20m) produces the baselines underpinning all the facilities. The entire sports programme, as defined in the tender, is distributed over these horizontal platforms, is covered under a large metallic roof, made of prefabricated hexagonal elements. This provides shade while also regulating heat, filtering light and ventilating the complex. The space under the roof becomes a large public space. It is open, connected, participatory and dynamic, an ideal setting in which multiple sports can be performed simultaneously. It provides stunning views of the Gran Hotel and its immediate natural surroundings. The roof openings vary in order to comply with the activities hosted below.

typology: Sports location: Araxá, Brasil area: 60.000 m² status: competition 2012 client: Prefeitura de Araxá (MG), Brasil TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
associated architect: Mónica Domínguez
architects: Javier Nuño, Zina Petrikova, Ines Steuber
computer graphics: Manu-facturas (Manuel Álvarez-Monteserín)
building services consulting: JG Ingenieros (Emilio González)
engineering consulting: MC2 (Julio Martínez)

Araxá, Brasil