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The arrangement of the buildings on the site tackles two basic issues: orientation and topography. A south-facing orientation optimises exposure to the sun and provides the best views – and the use of the buildings themselves as contention walls provides a simple, cost-efficient solution to the difficult terrain on which the apartments are located. Volumes emerge steeply above the ground floor and are freed from the irregular design of the site to find their own position. A continuous plynth varies the colour and texture, providing a pleasing uniformity across the steep slopes, while acting as a container for the pedestrian and vehicle access to the buildings and commercial premises. The openings at the southern side of the building are of greater dimensions and are protected by aluminium latice shuttering to ensure comfortable temperatures and energy saving.

typology: Public / Housing location: Arroyomolinos, Madrid area: 12.988 m² status: completed 2013 client: IVIMA (Instituto de la Vivienda de Madrid) TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
associated architect: Jorge Valseca
architects: Aránzazu Álvarez, Laura Rojo, Laura Torres, Belén Serrats, Christian Fink, Rubén Rivera, Mónica Domínguez, Zina Petrikova, Ines Steuber
computer graphics: NEOGRAMA
engineering consulting: María Concepción Pérez
building services consulting: Maproing, S.L. (Mario Abajo)
construction company: Tableros y Puentes, S.A. / OBRUM, S.L.
photographs: Jesús Granada
Arroyomolinos, Madrid
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First photographs by Jesús Granada

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