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The positioning of the buildings on the site meets one fundamental criterion: arranging the orientations to optimise the complex’s exposure to sunlight and energy performance. This led us to opt for open linear blocks with northwest-southeast orientation. The design makes the most of the sun, so that no special technology is required to harness its power. We drilled each block to give continuity to the ground plane and created a landscaped space/street inside it as a kind of spatial capacitor through which the flats can be accessed and which their service zones open onto, through light aluminium pieces. These courtyards/streets constitute the real focus of the project. They regulate temperature and provide areas full of light, making the complex’s sustainability a key feature, by clever us of landscaping and plant-life, ventilation and sun exposure. To prevent the volume overburdening the surroundings, the complex is clad in a prefabricated concrete skin (whose texture, colour and layout embrace the features of the nearby landscape), with wooden boards inside and light perforated aluminium lattices.

typology: Public / Housing location: Colmenar Viejo, Madrid area: 8.380 m² status: in progress 2011 client: IVIMA (Instituto de la Vivienda de Madrid) TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
associated architect: Mónica Domínguez
architects: Zina Petrikova, Ines Steuber
computer graphics: Santiago Rivera
building services consulting: Maproing S.L. (Mario Abajo) / Solventa Ingenieros Consultores, S.L.P.
engineering consulting: María Concepción Pérez

Colmenar Viejo, Madrid
Vía CONSTRUCCIÓN 83 17/05/2010 // Publications
1st PRIZE 19/05/2009
Vía CONSTRUCCIÓN 65 17/05/2009 // Publications