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A park on our doorstep: trees, plants and open land. We use wood that was once tree-trunks, plants from local flora and the gravel from the land. We have taken a small piece of the park and brought it to the terrace. The interior is contemporary, open-plan, flowing and uncluttered. Above all, it is versatile and flexible, not only inside itself, but also in its relationship with the exterior. We have distinguished the daytime area (east-facing) from the night-time area (north-facing) through the central space of the apartment: the kitchen is designed for immediate use by whoever lives in the house. Double access and moveable partitions make it possible to lay out the space in all sorts of different ways.

typology: Interior design / Private / Housing location: Madrid, España area: 140 m² status: completed 2008 client: privado TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
associated architect: Mónica Domínguez
architects: Andrés Infantes, Reyes León, Ines Steuber, Zina Petrikova, Jorge Valseca
photographs: Jesús Granada

Madrid, España
HUECO ARQUITECTURA 02/05/2009 // Publications