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This tender for ideas proposed the construction of new facilities at the energy-recovery plant in Son Reus, Mallorca. The current incinerator needs significant expansion to bring its facilities in line with the future needs of the island. Our proposal, more than just a building or group of buildings, suggests a system of geometric, topographical, volumetric and constructive links which make it possible to integrate architecture, landscape and city. Our strategy is to blur the line separating the façade from the roof and the floor. The current plant will remain in place between our project and the slopes of the landfill site. Thus, the new plant will be situated at the entrance, painting a more up-to-date picture, in keeping with the expected plans to convert the area into a first-class, avant-gard environmental complex. The large protected roof, in continuity with the land, folds up from its most southerly point to house the majority of the facilities, until it reaches the high point of the landfill site and connects the plant with the future park on the landfill site (once it has been sealed and degasified) through a tube-shaped bridge of almost 90 m. This is done to turn this eminently public facility into a symbol of a society’s commitment to the planet.

typology: Infrastructure / Waste lab can location: Son Reus, Mallorca area: 31.500 m² status: competition 2006 client: TIRME, S.L. TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
associated architect: Jorge Valseca
architects: Belén Serrats, Christian Fink, Ines Steuber, Laura Rojo, Rubén Rivera
computer graphics: Santiago Rivera

Son Reus, Mallorca
2nd PRIZE 20/05/2006