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The building is located in the industrial estate called Prado del Espino at Boadilla del Monte, in Greater Madrid, a place without identity nor references; an uninspiring context, difficult to deal with. The need of exterior space for parking the vehicles of the public service defines the building position on site, organizing a clear and efficient ring for traffic circulation around the constructed volume. This volume, compact, emphatic and precise, is shifted and orientated towards the street access to receive the visitors. A simple yet heterogeneous programme organizes the different uses in programmatic strips one next to the other, without interruption. Offices, changing rooms, garages and warehouses lead off in the space, gathering together in legible strips as well in floor plan as in section, generating a particular outlined figure of variable section. The context described and the hybrid nature of the programme invited to design a unitary building, integrating its public condition into an industrial construction system. This functional diversity is submitted to the discipline of using a single material, corrugated steel sheets, as a refined reference to the context, distorting the scale of the construction and creating a jazzy combination of brightness and reflections. For this purpose, doors and windows are fully integrated in continuity with the exterior skin by using the same perforated sheet panels, a solution that also addresses the sunlight control. Only the facade facing the access, made out of polycarbonate and glass panels, opens to connect with the closest surroundings. The structure, a lightweight metal frame, is solved with an inexpensive and a simple grid pattern of 5x5m. All previously described results in the idea of achieving a well-balanced use of resources in the construction of the building, including all the details, which become more visible by their absence.

typology: Office / Infrastructure location: Boadilla del Monte, Madrid area: 3.295 m² status: completed 2018 client: UTE Zonas Verdes Boadilla TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
architects: Zina Petrikova, Ana Martín, Javier Martínez
quantity surveyor: María Luisa Sánchez
engineering consulting: Mecanismo Ingeniería, S.L.
building services consulting: Gersan Ingeniería, S.L.P.
construction company: OHL Servicios Ingesan
photographs: Jesús Granada

Boadilla del Monte, Madrid