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This small restaurant specialising in homemade food is located on a busy commercial street with heavy traffic. A steel and glass box connects the interior and the exterior while isolating it from excessive noise pollution. The oak used for the floor folds up to form a bench which runs the whole depth of the premises. A soundproof panel covers the vertical plane behind the bench and folds horizontally to create a chamber that conceals the facilities. Decisions between materials are based on air and light. The vertical plane facing the tables has been completely covered with a serigraph of ingredients and recipes for famous dishes of Spanish gastronomy consumed with a spoon and thus popularly known as “platos de cuchara” or “spoon dishes”. We propose a simple, functional, fresh and pleasant space. A unobtrusive setting in which to enjoy part of everyday urban life can be achieved with few materials. Ultimately, it is a perfect space for those who frequent it on a daily basis, with a delicate and stylish fusion of contemporary architecture and Spain’s much-loved, timeless “spoon dishes”.

typology: Interior design / Public location: Madrid area: 70 m² status: completed 2008 client: Saconca Hostelería, S.L. TEAM:
principal architect: Israel Alba
associated architect: Mónica Domínguez
architects: Ines Steuber, Zina Petrikova
building services consulting: Maproing, S.L. (Mario Abajo)
photographs: Jesús Granada

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